Create Mind-Body Balance Through Your Vibes

Raising your vibration may seem esoteric to those who aren’t aware of their spiritual self but it can impact your behavior, personality, insight and how you perceive situations around you. Here are five reasons to raise your vibration with Integrated Energy Therapy.

Emotional health

By raising your vibration, you can feel equanimity and joy for longer periods of time. You will feel resilient to stress and life’s situations. You will easily be able to shift out of lower vibrational moods.


In Chakra Healing sessions, the energy vortexes that hold our consciousness are cleansed and cleared. Old thoughts, feelings, and habits are cleared. When the chakras are balanced, clients feel grounded, creative, empowered, grateful, loving, expressive, and intuitive. Clients feel balanced and feeling of connected to all.


Living life from a higher vibrational alignment allows for synchronicities, which are a form of divine guidance. Have you ever received a sign from the Universe? We become a clear and open channel for higher guidance when we allow for higher frequencies, such as Reiki and the violet angelic ray from Integrated Energy, to flow through us.

Opens your heart

Energy healing helps clear grief and emotional hurts from your heart center which allows your heart chakra to open, expand and be balanced. You will be be able to hold compassion, affection, and gratitude towards others with more ease.


Reiki clears and balances the solar plexus chakra leaving clients empowered. Integrated Energy Therapy also uses meridians and points to clear fear and imprint feelings of confidence and motivation.

Raising your vibration is holistic way to create wellness in the mind, body and spirit. Energy healing sessions can allow the mind to understand the true meaning of health and happiness.


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